Monday, April 19, 2010


wow!!! its been way to long sense my last post! Any way i just wanted to give everyone an update on whats going on in the life of the Birds.

Spence got put in the Young Men's Presidency as the first counselor. So that has been a fun adventure for the both of us. Spencer even got me put in as the cook at there camp outs so i have a legitimate excuse to go on all the camp outs with him so we don't have to spend a night alone. ha ha ha i think its more for his sake instead of mine. He is still in school doing his generally right now and changes his mind all the time of what he is going into. something medical for sure, he knows that part. His top picks right now are either a nurse anesthesia or a pharmacist. But it could probably change next week. ha ha Spencers also got a salt water fist tank for Easter and it was a pre established take so it came with all of the live rock, sand, and coral i was not very excited for it at first because i was just thinking of all the maintains that they require. but i have to admit i really like it now. this is a picture of the first little fish we have gotten for it. his name is carlos. check out his eye brows! my mom said that god must of had a fun time creating him.

I have been so busy lately taking pictures, and design invitations. i am not complaining tho! I would rather be busy then not. I am having a blast with my design business creating wedding invitations. here are some of the pictures i have taken lately, along with some of the designs i have just finished with.

Some stinking cute nails i did, i just had to share them.

And to finish it off i wanted to leave you all with a funny story. (well spencer does not think it is really funny) Usually our dogs sleep in their kennen. But spence felt bad because they are in there kennels all day and they were going to be in there kennels all day the next day also. so spencer decided to let the dogs sleep in our bed. so we all went to bed. I was woken up a two in the morning by max our little dog throwing up right between spencer and i. So we get up and spencer cleans max off and i changed the sheets on our bed. we all go back to sleep again. I am woken up again this time by ellie trying to burrow under me. i wake up just in time to see spencer hitting max into the pillow and then throwing him into the closet. I asked him what was wrong and he tell me that max walking up on his pillow, lifted his leg and peed on spencer face!!!! He stomped off to the shower, so once again i pulled off all the sheets and cleaned the bed. I just told spencer that he was marking his territory but he did not really appreciate that. Lets just say that the puppys no longer sleep in our bed anymore.

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