Friday, January 1, 2010

I am a little obsessed with love songs. I think it drives Spencer nuts how much i listen to them. I wanted to share this songs with you and the lyrics. Every time i hear a song that i love i tell Spencer it is our song. but this time i think i found a keeper!

All the things you are to me,

darling you have set me free

Always give you what you need and what you desire.

All the joy and all this love, and all that it is from above

Now together there's enough to fill this world..

Cause you are the love of my life,

you are the love of my life..

and now we're man and wife.

All the things that you would do..

you know I'm standing next to you,

darling I will see you through the rest.. of our lives..

With you beside me I have won,

I'm glad I waited for so long,

but there's no doubt that you are the one..for me.

You are the love of my life,

you are the love of my life..

and everytime, they'll be things, everything is gonna be fine..

Now you're in my life.

So I give you heart and soul,

its yours to take wherever you go,

through the years you'll always know it's yours to keep.

God is best at sacred vow,

Angels high above look down,

see the two of us we've found the perfect love

You are the love of my life,

Now we're man and wife..


Michael and Laura Elggren said...

I do the same thing to Michael. lol :) We have never had anything official that we have called "Our Song".

Taylor said...

Cute pictures! I like your fishy. He's way cute. ^_^